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To supplement my last post, Did you loose your orange peel?, I thought that some people would like to learn more about the good practices of outdoor activities. My first suggestion is to adopt the “Leave no trace” principles, that can’t be better explained than by the Leave no trace organization. Please take a look at their website.

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Did you loose your orange peel?


Recently I went hiking at Mount Sutton in the Eastern Townships, and was heading towards the “Round Top” (top of the mountain). I wanted to photograph the sunset with the fresh snow that fell the day before. I took the trail that passed by Lake Spruce, a little lake located near the middle of the mountain, in case there was something interesting to photograph. When I got to the lake, I was inspired by the nice light and the nice decor created by the partly frozen lake. There was about an half hour left before sunset, roughly the time it would take me to get to the top. I figured I should stay at the lake and find a good spot to be ready for the fast changing light of the sunset, instead of running to the top and taking the risk of not finding a good spot in time.

While I was looking for a nice composition, I was disappointed to find pieces of orange peel left on the rock cap on the shore of the lake. It partly destroyed the magic. I know it is something biodegradable, but still, you should ALWAYS pickup your garbage. It’s just a matter of respect for the environment and other visitors.

I thought it would be important to pass this message, both in text and photo, so we can educate people about the good practices of outdoor activities. Please pass this message along.

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