Am I pushing my copyright too far ?

Last weekend I went on a three day hiking trip to the Adirondack Park in the US with a friend of mine. We hiked mount Algonquin where there was a great view of Mount Marcy. I installed my tripod and camera for a portrait of my friend with Mount Marcy’s white peak in the background. After I took the picture, my friend offered to take a picture of me. I liked the idea since the landscape was very nice. I saw an opportunity to have a good picture of myself. With the camera already on the tripod, I double checked the camera settings (composition, exposure and focus) then asked him to press the shutter once I was in place in the frame.

Hiker on top of snowy mountain with backpack.

On our way down, a question came to my mind. Who gets the copyright on the picture? The photographer that did all the adjustments or the friend that simply pressed the shutter release ? I would like to know your opinion about it.

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  1. Written by Never
    on 2011/11/15 at 02:41

    The photographer would get the copyright because the friend (or assistant) made no evaluative decisions in the process that resulted the creation of the final photo. Essentially, the photographer is like the company and the friend is like the employee; a company always has the legal right to the copyrightable works of it’s employees.

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