DIY alternative to the Lumiquest® UltraStrap for flash accessory mounting

There is no doubt that the Lumiquest® UltraStrap remains the best and quickest solution. But if you like the DIY stuff here is how I set up my flash to accept Lumiquest® (or other similar) accessories without sticking the adhesive Velcro® bands to it. I did not want my flash to get sticky in the long run, especially if I ever need to sell it later.

All you need is a rubber band that will fit tight on the flash head. I used an old mountain bike tube from which I cut out a strip to get a round rubber band. After cleaning I put it on my flash head and then put the sticky Velcro® bands that came with my Lumiquest® accessories on it. Since the rubber band is very tight, it hold perfectly all my Lumiquest® accessories (I have the ProMax System and the Softbox). Voila! You just got yourself a cheap non-adhesive Velcro® strap.

DIY strap replacement of Lumiquest(R) Ultrastrap. DIY strap replacement of Lumiquest(R) Ultrastrap with softbox.

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