Cheap replacement to Nikon MC-30 10 Pin Remote Cord for my D200

The first time I shopped for a simple remote trigger was in the film days when I had my Nikon F90x. I found the Nikon MC-30, a simple remote trigger that suited my needs. I jumped when I saw the price tag of 89.95$ CDN. So I digged on the Internet to find a cheaper solution. I was able to find some information on the connector circuitry (pin information). So I tried it by using simple wires that I stuck in the connector’s pins and shorted them together to trigger the camera shutter. It was working but not a practical solution. I then looked at some connectors that may fit but since the Nikon 10 pin connector is unique to Nikon, I found no match. I had no simple solutions to connect a DIY remote trigger. Since I had a second film camera that was accepting the old mechanical remote triggers (Nikon F3HP) I used this camera for macro work instead.

It did the job until I switched to digital and bought the Nikon D200. Now I was stuck with the same old problem. I digged up on ebay this time, to see if I can find a used one that would be cheaper. I came upon cheap chinese equivalents. The price tag was 10x less than a brand new Nikon. I was skeptical. I figured I had not much to loose so I ordered two (in case one would break) for a total of 5.60$ CDN, shipping included! They even marked it as a gift on the shipping slip, so I had no tax nor customs to pay. Three weeks later (yes, Hong-Kong is far from Canada) I received the little package in the post. I was surprised I did not get screwed.

Nikon MC-30 and instructions booklet

When I opened the package I was very satisfied with the construction quality (I know, not much complexity in it but still). I tried them both right away and they worked perfectly. It even have the screw ring for the 10 pin connector and the handling is very smooth and comfortable. Here as some pictures I took of the front face, the back and the 10 pin connector.

Nikon MC-30 front view

Nikon MC-30 back view

Nikon MC-30 10 Pin connector

Yes, it was stronger than me. I had to open one to see what is inside. Here it is. Very simple, no complex electronics since it use the camera power.

Nikon MC-30 inside view

In conclusion I strongly recommend it. It saved me almost 85$ CDN and I got two since the cost per unit was 0.99$ US. I will have a backup one in case else I will probably use the second one for a DIY project. The shipping was more expensive than the units (they probably are making money out of the shipping but who cares). I believe it is working for all Nikon cameras with a 10 Pin connectors (D3(x), D700, D300/200, D2X(s), D2H(s)).

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